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Namba Gear Uncovers the 5 Categories of Tag Lines on Musicians’ MySpace Pages

One of the things that I always notice as I view our Namba Gear friends on MySpace is the “tag line” beside the musician’s or band’s name. Some of you guys use it to promote a new song or new CD release, some use it to confirm an artist’s official MS site, while other just ignore it completely. But the coolest thing is when the tag is used to extend an emotion onto the page. Namba Gear now unveils the five categories of MySpace tag lines, with some great examples for useage. We have provided links to all of the artist’s myspace pages so that you can check them out. Our comments are in italics at the end of each category.

The Love Sluts

Simply being loved. BT

  1. Love, and do what you will. Brett Tuggle

  2. Power to the Peaceful. Vivek Maddala

  3. The present is a gift. Adam Absinthe (actor, musician, make up artist, model, writer, illustrator, and more…)

  4. Life is priceless. Ali Ghanavi

To BT, Tug & Vivek I love you and there is no disrespect intended, please embrace the term “love slut”. To Adam, who doesn’t seem to know what he is or what he is doing on any day of the week, and Ali thanks for your sincerity.

Motivation Haitian

  1. Only those who risk going far, know how far 2 go! Junior Sanchez

  2. Dream a dream and make it happen! Annalee

  3. Dream big, Live large, or Die average Troy Castellano

  4. Music begins where the power of words ends. Lilie Parm

I think that it is very cool that we try to encourage one another, especially to the extent of exposing our personal affirmations to the world. Of course as artists we should be used to exposing ourselves. (Stop it. Be nice.)

Was that a joke?

  1. ‘cuz reading the manual SUCKS!

  2. Life is like a beanstalk. Isn’t it? Alvah

  3. How much for the Ukulele? Adam Levy

  4. We will rock your city for free golf… View From Everest

  5. Jazz-rock saves the Universe!!! Adam Holzman & Brave New World

  6. My neighbor’s dog’s girlfriend loves my songs. Elle

This has got to be my favorite category of tag lines, but sometimes they leave you wondering. I believe that I am pretty enlightened, and then my old friend Alvah Rob comes up with something like this. I had never considered life being like a beanstalk and yet there is an assumption that I should have not only considered, but digested this thought… and agree with it!. Another old friend, Adam probably didn’t intend his comment to come under the joke category, but in my humble opinion, this is where his tag seemed to fit.

A Musical Reference for the IN Group

  1. Grooves, melodies and vibes of the world united. Global Noize

  2. I want to play how I feel in every moment. Mike Garson

  3. “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.” Miles Davis Daren Burns

  4. “There is no such thing as a limited instrument, only limited musicians.” Howard Johnson” Pete Levin

  5. Putting an octave in your life would make a difference, a BIG difference. Nikos Piperis

This is another fun category. If you are a musician you understand these comments on a deeper level than the plebian citizen. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the occasional brief moments of superiority. I really don’t know what Pete is doing quoting the HJ motel / diner king. (or is there another Howard Johnson?)J

The Other Brother

  1. Dreadful but quiet war of organic beings. Andy West

  2. Analogue girl in a digital world… invasion. Erykah Badu

  3. This is what it sounds like when computers cry. James Bernard

  4. Winter Anon

These are the tag lines that stand alone. They are few and far between and make you think. The minimalism of Anon’s single word is chilling. My buddy Andy, of Dixie Dregs fame, will always get the brain juices going. Erykah and P-head James explain their music with a single phrase that makes you want to take action and hear what they have to say.

Have you got a good MySpace tag line to share? Send it our way.


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